After years of photographing landscapes. wildlife and taking over 50,000 images I desided to make a website to show some of the images I have taken, I love to be out with my camera and to spend time capturing history in the making. In rescent years I've found a love of nature and often spend time sat in one place watching the world go by. People say photography is a way to preserve history. For me its just a way to express what I see in the world around me and capture the moment in time....
                   I use Nikon gear, my main camera is a 20 Mega Pixel D500 with a back up of a D5300 again 24 MP. with 6 different lenses, I think I have everything covered, but you can never have to many lenses 
To see more of my work you can click the link and view and by more of my work here

                   If you would like to contact me about an event you have that you'd like a photographer to attend, please contact me with the details of the event